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Ana Brusa

Founder Yogalab I Medellín I Colombia

Yoga changed my life, and I try to change it for other people too. It is a long and beautiful path that makes you feel happier and more ‘you’.

I was born in Montevideo (Uruguay), but for six years I have lived in Medellín (Colombia), after having spent five years of my life in Buenos Aires (Argentina). It was there, where I discovered yoga, a discipline that has not only made me rethink my entire way of life, but also to think and feel.

I have trained as a teacher in various countries, which has given me the opportunity to meet and share with a community of incredible yogis. I practice Vinyasa yoga daily, I continue to train through workshops, retreats, and I teach private and group classes.

Yoga brings well-being inside and out and I only need my mat and an open mind to practice it. I love the sensations during practice, when I feel my body, mind and soul vibrate at the same time. It represents that little place of daily happiness, and sharing it with others fills me even more, making me practice with a smile on my face.

I love being part of HappyHippieYoga because it represents a community that appreciates the sincere and simple enjoyment of practicing Yoga.