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Chiara Mezzari

From Italy

My name is Chiara Mezzari, I am Italian and I live among the green hills of the north east.
I am married, I have a daughter that I love above all things, I work as a physiotherapist and osteopath taking care of people’s physical health.
I first approached yoga because my back required it.
Once I started the journey, I realized how the asanas were only the tip of a very powerful iceberg that incorporates mind, body and soul.
I am grateful to yoga for what it gives me, I recognize my limits and I welcome them every day with love, accompanying them towards overcoming.
I wrote a storybook where we talk about concepts very close to yoga: the power of words, the use of mantras, listening to the inner voice that burns like a fire.
The book is titled “Quantum Fables” and is on its second reprint.
I also take care of a blog where you can find suggestions, studies, life experiences that can be of inspiration and help.
I wish you the best.
You deserve it.