♄ happy hippie family ♄

Lucien Capdevielle

Happy Life Ambassador

My yoga practice reminds me to align body, spirit and mind with the unity of cosmos which give me reason and purpose on my human experience. Life is a journey not a destination, because the only real thing we know is defined by the now. Expression of the mix of our three bodies turns out to be remaining go in the present moment. 

When I balance the vibration within my heart with the prana i receive from Mother Earth my complexity becomes a simple grain of sand of this universe. 

The music that resonates in my inner self connects me to everything since I can decide the frequency in which I’m sending the message to the co created world. I decide how to heal with kindness my fears embodied by breathing light into my life and irradiate it back to the ether.

Progressing into my asanas, opens myself to smile and even laugh when I reach or I don’t get it, because it’s all about trying and choosing to be happy. 

We are going through changes constantly and humankind culture is finally shifting priorities The people do not want to be in Possession of things but want to just be themselves. Society is changing having for being sensations, experiencing staying presently glad. That is why l choose to have a hippie happy Yogi life.

Yogatuch "Bee in your center" indigo