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Neha Baliyan

PHD., yoga and science

Yoga has been a part of my life since childhood. This is the beauty of Indian culture that in every home performing spiritual ritual is the part of a daily life. During my childhood I have participated in Mantra chanting, devotional song, fire rituals, lighting diyas and meditation. Shrimad Bhagwad Geeta was one of my favorite book as it is full of stories and morals.

I believe that everyone has a purpose in their life, some of them want money, health, fame etcetera, few of them are really keen and pining to know their self that where life comes from and where it is going. Around all my queries and doubts I found myself more into philosophy, so I decided to study philosophy in my graduation. My study was continued in yoga and science and finally, I was awarded with PhD. Degree in Oct. 2018.

Yoga is the scientific art of understanding the self. In modern scenario we can say, it begins with simple things like noticing the placements of your hands and feet on the mat, movement of the body and increasing the awareness and feelting whole body with different sensation; gradually expanding awareness more and more after yogasanas practice and carrying that awareness throughout the day as long as one can.

In my classes, I love to incorporate more traditional practices, an atmosphere of playfulness, giving more freedom and time to enjoy the practice, while keeping entire centre of attention to cultivate more awareness around breathing and movement.

Yoga Mat "Inhale Joy" Mandala T√ľrkis