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Justine Capdevielle

Yoga Teacher in Thailand

My name is Justine Capdevielle. I’m  from Uruguay and I live in Khao Lak; Thailand.

I started the practice of YOGA; 15 years ago and was my husband the one introducing me into it. 

I got certified in Prenatal/Post Natal yoga after giving birth to our son and right after continued my studies of Hatha Vinyasa. I am certified in Rainbow Kids YOGA and absolutely enjoy it. I found out that in the process of ‘teaching’ them how to meditate and be more mindful usually they are the ones teaching me much more… The pure energy, the simplicity of life and the beauty in the present moment and no regrets for the past or thoughts of the future… that only the pure light within them can teach us.

I have the privilege and every day I am so grateful for being able to work from my passion as a Yoga Instructor in different resorts in here and also holding many private sessions.

I use a language that everybody understands and vary a lot the sessions. I combine different styles of yoga that I learnt along the way from Hatha Vinyasa and a lot of active Meditations from Kundalini. Pranayamas & chanting mantras are one of my favorite parts of the class. I want yoga to get to as many people as possible to make them realize that it’s not a boring or slow practice just for elderly or for the flexible & strong ones. It’s for everyone and for all ages. And this is exactly what I share with all the people practicing with me‚Ķ I enjoy when everyone feels comfortable in the class and honor where they are on their own practice.

What makes me smile the most in my ‘work/passion’¬† at the end of the class after shavasana when the students come up to sit; to tune out is the peaceful and serene faces, eyes/look and pace that they have. And I think to myself ‘mission accomplished’. I absolutely love this moment!!!

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Justine is smiling on a happyhippie.yoga towel at the Sarojin Resort in Khao Lak Thailand.

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