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Sofia Orlova

Yoga Teacher sofia moonlight yoga | Ukraine

My name is Sofia I’m 28 and I’m from amazing country Ukraine.

I have been practicing yoga for last 10 years and teaching¬† for last 6 years. Doesn’t matter where i were, or what i was doing – yoga was always with me. It’s kind of part of me I guess. But¬† just at the last year teaching yoga became the full time thing to me) i say thing, because yoga¬† it’s not work for me it’s my way, my passion.¬† Now i can divide my life by before and after. In my previous life i have completed master degree as a lawyer and¬† use to work in court since I was 19 altogether 8 years. I did a great job and from just secretary became a¬† Deputy Chief of Staff of the Court. But working on the government, and being that kind of person who will spend the whole life in office never really was my thing. So i quit and obviously, I’m happy with it. I completely have changed my direction now. Today I’m student again, my next infatuation is sexology. In order to understand people better, and to have a more options to work with body’s and mind’s I have decided to start studying psychology. By studying psychology I have found my new passion – sexology.

My goal is to help people to understand yourself better and be in physical and emotional balance.

Also I’m into esotericism, astrology, Ayurveda and stuff.

Have experience with: women’s groups, mixed groups, children’s groups and personal trainings.

I’m very glad to be the part of this beautiful collaboration “Happy Hippie Yoga”


I’m happy to tell you that I would be very glad to see you someday on my group or personal classes.

I’ll keep teaching yoga classes on the beach till the end of the September, so feel free to come if you are around.

By the way,¬† personal classes is my big love. It’s very common in my schedule to teach individual classes. Head to head or for couples or for just small groups of friends.

Anything is possible. Feel free to text me on Instagram or somewhere else.

Hugs and kisses from Ukraine.I

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